Saturday, 12 February 2011

Two fine performances... more, please

Time runs out on a storming game at Alloa
Tomorrow's game against Airdrie United is going to be another big challenge for Dumbarton's young team. With consecutive victories for the first time this season, two fine performances, and escape from the foot of the Second Division table, expectations are running high(er). Three in a row will be tough. The Diamonds will be out to seek revenge for their defeat at the Excelsior on 1 February. But it's still "one game at a time" from a training ground perspective.

The most encouraging thing for me is not just that we've won a couple of games (though that works wonders for personal and group morale!), but that both the last Airdrie game and the match last week at Alloa were a real credit to football at this level. On the way to Recreation Park last week, I found myself walking the last lap from the station to the ground with a bunch of (mainly female) Wasps supporters. They were not 'football regulars', and were mainly there to watch their friend, Kevin Motion, who is playing for Alloa after being released at the end of January by Stenhousemuir. We had a good josh, and I left them with a cheery acclamation, followed by "Enjoy the game - even though you're going to lose!"  I believed that even less than they did, I think. But I was happily wrong in my inward pessimism.

As it happens, Kevin Motion played well and got a goal just after the hour. So that gave my Alloa friends something (though not too much) to cheer, I hope! Above all, though, they witnessed a really good, engaging, to-and-fro game of football -- which is definitely what occasional fans need, if we are going to get them coming along on a more regular basis. As we must.

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