Sunday, 27 February 2011

Keeping the Scottish League national

Adapted from Still a live issue - Vote Now! on the Sonstrust website. 

Dumbarton fans are responding well to the first of our online poll questions – about the proposal to ‘regionalise’ the lower leagues. Some have wondered if this idea is now ‘dead’ – but it isn’t.

In spite of press reports (which I’ve commented on here), the truth is that the SPL, who have said they’ll be moving to a vote on restructuring proposals within weeks, haven’t taken anything off the table.

This despite clear opposition from the majority of smaller clubs (Stirling Albion are the exception), a majority of SFL fans against in the Supporters Direct survey, no indication that the SFL wants it, and no plan as to how it could work.

So why is it still around? Well, many SPL movers-and-shakers seem to want to push ‘regionalisation’ through (even though it’s – literally – not their business) – because it would leave their new setup as the only national football league in Scotland.

Also, some see it as a way of saving money (though the amounts are tiny compared to wages and other costs) and there has been confusion about whether an eventual pyramid depends upon it (there’s no reason why it should).

So the question finally boils down to whether we want a club like Dumbarton to be in a national league, or reduced to a regional side. That’s what we’re inviting Sons fans to vote on now: Do you want DFC to remain in a national, rather than regionalised, Scottish football league?

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