Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Sonstrust praised by Trusts' group

Adapted from my article Praise for Sonstrust Campaign on the Sonstrust website.

Supporters Direct in Scotland has praised the membership and awareness-raising initiative launched by the Sonstrust at the Airdrie United game on 12 February 2011 – and says it hopes other Trusts will follow suit.

There was particular acknowledgment for the link between recruiting and involving fans in Dumbarton Football Club, and the current debate about the ‘reconstruction’ of Scottish football.

SD development officer James Proctor declared: “Strengthening individual Trusts and building the Trust movement in Scotland is really important at a time when big decisions are being made over the future of the game.

Henry McLeish’s report into Scottish football recommends the inclusion of fans in the decision making of the SFA and the SPL have recently started to engage with supporters’ trusts and Supporters Direct over their proposals for reorganisation of the leagues. Therefore having a democratic and Scotland-wide fans organisation is an important step in improving the game and ensuring fans are represented.

“The Sonstrust at Dumbarton have set a great example with their recruitment drive, which is emphasising the importance of being part of Supporters Direct, as well as encouraging community ownership and giving fans a bigger say. We hope others will be inspired by their initiative.”

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