Saturday, 26 February 2011

Poll position

Adapted from my article Make YOUR Voice Heard on the Sonstrust website.

Starting today, the Sonstrust is launching a fans’ survey about plans for the future of Scottish football – on this site, on the Dumbarton FC and Sonstrust Facebook pages, and in a voting form which will be given to every fan attending the next home game (against Livingston on 5 March 2011).

There will be three questions – about ‘regionalisation’, about SPL colt teams playing in the SFL, and about fan representation on the bodies that run Scottish football.

The web versions will be posted between now and 5 March. They will be open for four weeks each.
What Dumbarton supporters have to say will be used in making Trust representations to the Club, to Supporters Direct, to the SFL and to others. With the SPL now publicly saying that it will be voting on ‘reconstruction’ proposals, pressure is critical – to ensure that reforms benefit the whole game and are based on what fans want.

You can vote on the link below. We are using controls to ensure that people only vote once. But we are also using different media to ensure that as many Sons supporters as possible have the chance to make their voices heard.

Do you want DFC to remain in a national, rather than regionalised, Scottish football league?

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