Friday, 11 February 2011

In the fans, we Trust

This article first appeared as Sonstrust thinks big on the official DFC website.

At the game against Airdrie United on 12 February, the Sonstrust will be launching a drive to increase membership, awareness and involvement yet further.

The Trust, which is part of the Supporters Direct movement, already has a record 300+ members - but wants more on board.

"Joining the Sonstrust, and getting more friends and family to do so, is the key way to ensure a positive, forward-looking relationship between supporters and Dumbarton FC," says commercial director (and Trust rep) Alan Findlay.

He adds: "With key decisions coming up about the future of the game in Scotland, it is also vital that the fans have their say - and the Trust movement is the best mechanism for that at the moment. We're thinking big!"

As the initiative moves forward, Sonstrust will be putting out more publicity about their achievements, their ambitions, and the need to encourage genuine community stakeholding in the game.

Pick up a leaflet at the Stadium, or join online, and get others to do so. There's more about the campaign here.

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