Friday, 11 February 2011

All on board the Sonstrust!

A number of us have been busy over the past week getting ready for the Sonstrust membership and awareness promotional drive - linked to the obvious need to build the supporters' movement and get the voice of fans much more prominently heard in the current debate about the future of the game in Scotland. At the moment it is TV execs, the Old Firm and a small coterie within the SPL who are driving the agenda.

Anyway, there will be leaflets seeking 'A Tenner To Help Save Scottish Football' at the Dumbarton versus Airdrie United game on Saturday, and then follow-up events at the next two home games. We also plan to generate some publicity, energy and awareness about what the Trust does.

For those who don't know, Sonstrust is a provident (cooperative) society, and a kind of 'fans union'. It has a financial stake in the club, a director (who also runs the commercial side at DFC), puts on social events, has refurbed the Supporters' Bar, sponsored matches and a Youth Development scheme, set up a Dumbarton community initiatives fund ... and much, much more. It's amazing what fans can do when they get together.

Perhaps the biggest challenge, though, is being part of the Supporters Direct campaign over 'league reconstruction'' and other changes currently being mooted in the corridors of power about the future of the Scottish game. Ensuring that smaller clubs, supporters and communities are at the heart of these changes - rather than being "done to" from on high and expected to put up with whatever is foisted on them - is what it's all about. Not an easy call, but SD are getting their act together, and strengthening the Trust movement is vital to ensure the common voice is strong.

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