Sunday, 1 June 2008

Just fancy that...

Not that I really care whether England get the World Cup in 2018 (I'd much prefer a joint England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland bid, with a home tournament to see who gets the 'automatic' two qualification places)... but as I've mentioned recently, I'm amazed at how the FA is being strung along. Recently Jack Warner, secretary of the Trinidad & Tobago Football Federation and major FIFA luminary, went around loudly saying he was against England getting it and wanted a host from the Americas. Now he's suddenly swung the other way. Yeah, right. Expect more to-ing and fro-ing over the coming months. The man is, as they say, "having a laugh", much as he did during the last round of corruption investigations. Meanwhile, England take on - guess who? - tonight. I'm glad that Beckham's been given another swing at the captaincy and, well, its a game of football, after all. Something to see us through to the European Championships next Saturday, no matter how inconsequential.

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