Friday, 20 June 2008

It's Holland, then

In, er, a totally scientific and representative online opinion survey, of the kind for which football is renowned, the thronging hordes of Dumbarton fans are apparently plumping for Holland to win Euro 2008. By 68 per cent, no less, with Spain next in line on 15 per cent. What with the aura of Cruijff, several Dutch friends, Scotland manager George Burley and my trade paper The Guardian all plumping for the mighty Orange, the writing is surely on the wall. One way or the other. My nails may not get through the Netherlands -v- Russia match tomorrow night -- and this isn't even the semis, let alone the final. [Picture: Holland's destined players... or possibly a Dumbarton team from the early '70s. Those were the days...]


Anonymous said...

This (rather smug) Sons fan put a crisp tenner on the Russians at 14/1 before the Holland game.

Simon Barrow said...

Yeah, I always thought the Dutch would have to be the triumph of hope over experience, too. But one can dream. Enjoy your ill-gotten gains ;) I'm glad my head was wrong about Italy grinding out the Spanish. Dunno who's going to win it now... Spain I hope. Germany, quite probably. You going to bet more on the Russians?