Thursday, 5 June 2008

Euro 2012 for Scotland?

This from the BBC today: "Scotland could be the beneficiaries if Uefa takes a dim view on Ukraine and Poland's preparations for Euro 2012. Doubts persist about the suitability of stadiums and infrastructure in the former Eastern bloc nations and an inspection is planned this summer.

SFA chief executive Gordon Smith told BBC Sport: "We have made it clear that we'd like to be considered if it's not going ahead in Ukraine and Poland. With the event likely to expand after 2012 it would be our last chance."

Scotland and the Republic of Ireland failed with a joint bid for Euro 2008, which gets underway in Switzerland and Austria at the weekend.


Kenny said...

Oh Yes, yes, please!!!!!

Kenny said...

However, watching Portugal last night, I'm kind of glad Scotland are at home this time around, cutting the grass etc.

However, at Hampden, we could beat anyone!

And isn't it magic that Englandshire are not present at Euro 2008? No comments after the first goal-less draw about, "You know we can still win this!" Utopia!