Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Beyond a Greek tragedy

The tragedy in question being the dire game on the telly right now (scribing at 9pm). When Greece scrapped their way to the European Championship title last time, it was a blow for the plucky outsider. This performance against Sweden, however, has been laced with long stretches of cynical back-passing and other forms of 0-0-seeking football avoidance. A plucking disgrace... Oh great, Ibrahimovic has just scored with a stunning strike for the Swedes. His first international goal for two years. And now another, this one delightfully scrappy. Go, you Svensters!

Meanwhile, the highlight of Euro 2008 so far has undoubtedly been the fabulous 3-0 Netherlands triumph over the Azzuri. I have rarely been so pleased to be totally wrong about a team's prospects being dampened by my ardour, not least as Italy knocked out Scotland. Then again, George Burley had singled out the Dutch for potential glory. It must be down to him, then. [Pic: Ruud van Nistelrooy]


Kenny said...

Watching Greece was like watching Partick Thistle, or a Walter Smith inspired team of the moment. I so wanted them to win! The Greek waiters I know are lovely guys and they don't deserve this. Neither do Thistle supporters, but we put up with it! Bit s***, aren't Scotland due to play Holland soon?

Simon Barrow said...

Of course, it would be a wild dream for me that Dumbarton could play as badly as Greece ;)