Tuesday, 17 June 2008

La France pauvre

It's hard to imagine more going wrong for France than it has this evening against boring, boring (if highly accomplished) Italy. First, Franck Ribery out with an early injury, then a slightly harsh red card after the (quite justified) penalty on 25 minutes, a second goal for the Azzurri deflected off the heal of Thierry Henry... Plus you know you really are in deep, deep trouble when one of your 'solutions' is to bring on Jean-Alain Boumsong (who's just got a yellow card for a clumsy, clattering challenge). As I write, France need to score three, or Romania two against the Netherlands. It's not going to happen. No revenge for the last World Cup Final, and Italy's first win over the French in open play since 1978. Not a good combination. Farewell la France pauvre.

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Fr Kenny said...

And Luca Toni plays like a donkey again! Does he keep his shooting boots in a cupboard to be brought out only for Scotland games?

Last night underlined that Scotland would have done OK, even in this group of death!