Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Turkey on top?

Given that they have five players injured and four out with suspensions, few have given Turkey much consideration as Euro 2008 draws ever-closer to its denouement. But Germany have clearly been shaken by their opponents' smart semi-final start, with Colin Kazim-Richards rattling the bar and then a scrambled goal going in on 22 minutes. In a certain sense, the pressure is now on the outsiders in a game which is, in certain respects, a 'derby' -- given the close ties between the countries, including 2.5 million Turkish migrants and guest workers in Germany. It was gratifying to see that all sections of the crowd joined in the anti-racism aspect of the opening ceremony. Just over half-way through the first half, and this tournament is again living up to its promise of excitement, tension, twists and turns. (As I write, Germany have just equalised. This could be a corker, with both teams believing it is their destiny to get to the final.) Update, 21.42: though their performance did not merit it, Germany stole a turbulent match 3-2.


Anonymous said...

Wasn't Turkey's first goal offside at the throw in that led to the goal?

Wasn't Sabri's tackle on Lahm a clear penalty kick for the Germans?

Simon Barrow said...

'No' and 'yes' would be my brief responses to those two. :)