Sunday, 8 June 2008

Lucky for some?

Flashes of inspiration up front, periodically confused in midfield, occasionally woeful at the back. Sounds like some past Scottish international performances we can think of all too readily, huh? Actually, I'm referring to Poland in Euro 2008 tonight, losing 2-0 to a couple of comedy goals against Germany when they should have stuck in at least two themselves. Then again, the Tartan Army had recently decided to give its official support to the Poles, on account of local links and (for some) Artur Boruc. This, frankly, was bound to be the kiss of death. Almost as bad as having me deciding to support you -- which could be bad news for Holland in the 'group of death', as it is they I am throwing my lot in with for this tournament. That's partly on account of Johan Cruijff's famous but unconsummated fling with Dumbarton (you always need one daft reason), but mostly because, on their day, the Dutch can still be the Brazil of Europe. Plus I've spent some rather happy times on vacation and on work assignments in the Netherlands. Go Orange!

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Kenny said...

Weren't Holland magnificent last night? Now, why is it that when Scotland play Italy we never get a ref that allows blatantly offside goals to stand, and why can't Luca Toni play like a donkey, as he did yesterday, when he faces the Scottish defence? I think we should be told!