Sunday, 4 May 2008

Worst case scenario

After a grim season at Dumbarton, I suppose it's good to be reminded that things could be worse. Today's Observer Sports Magazine, following in the footsteps of an earlier feature on daily stable mate The Guardian, gives one of our ex-bosses a perverse accolade for an "outstanding contribution in the field of failure". He's down from first out of six to tenth of ten, though. One championship in which sinking to the bottom may be preferable to finishing top.

Statistics are not the only way to judge a manager, but if they were, Dumbarton's Jim Fallon would have an unmovable grip on the worst manager crown. The club's 1995-96 record makes horrific reading: played 36, won three, drawn two, lost 31. Then consider that two of the wins came in the opening two games, before they appointed Fallon. A record of 0.147 points per match convinced the board he deserved another crack the following season. He's now a physio.

The Sons' losses are the (highly successful) National Stadium Sports Medicine Centre's gain. Good luck with the healing touch, Jim.

(Big Rab points out that there's a Fallon-'Bankies connection, too.)


bigrab said...

I know Jim personally and he's a thoroughly decent guy. He was very unfortunate to take over the Sons just as Neil Rankine returned to the club after his insolvency. Effectively the financial plug was pulled and Jim had no money with an inevitable result.
I'll be looking out for Exeter's result Simon!

Simon Barrow said...

Yeah, it's a shame that he's become "known" for this one thankless period. Seems to have carved out a good niche for himself again professionally, though.

The Exeter 'steal' was amazing. I wasn't shouting *nearly* as loudly as I will if Sons get within yelling distance of promotion next term, though! I'll take a trip to Wembley with Exeter as a consolation prize for this season, nonetheless. :)