Wednesday, 14 May 2008

A day out at the Rock

Here's the picture from the 29 March 2008 Dumbarton -v- Stranraer game at Strathclyde Homes Stadium -- which I sponsored jointly with the Sonstrust to celebrate my 50th birthday. Unfortunately, Sons lost 1-0 and it wasn't a great game (it's been that kind of season), but the day as a whole was fabulous. Thanks to everyone involved. Left to right : Denise Currie (chair of the Trust), Tim Rhead (Dumbarton & Lomond Amnesty), Carla Roth (to whom I am married!), Simon Barrow, Stephen Lynch (DFC director - Sonstrust and commercial).

[Picture (c) DFC/Sonstrust 2008]


bigrab said...

Simon, I know everyone in this photo (and I'm a member of Amnesty) but I have never met you or your wife. We must put that right next season!

I'm also pleasantly surprised to discover that I'm younger than you! I must say you don't give that impression!

Simon Barrow said...

'Aye, we'll put that right next season over a drink in the Community Suite or somewhere. I'd like to see the Lewinsky's in action sometime, too.

Don't think you'll meet Carla for a bit. Not a fitba person, though she did enjoy the day out in March!

As for age - I think I'm just in denial. :)