Friday, 16 May 2008

A gold scarf too far

Somehow mental colour confusion always sets in. As with last May, I was planning to wear some modest piece of Sons garb to Wembley on Sunday, this time fancying a quick picture under the Arch to match the (incredibly sad) snap I have from the Great Wall of China in late 2004. Though with a decent DFC scarf this time. For some reason I had it in my head that Cambridge would be wearing blue, so no problem. But of course, that's Cambridge City. As for United, they'll be in their customary gold and black against Exeter, my locals - whose red sea I'll be swimming in. Ah well. I'll just have to hope that my blue DFC away shirt (the Grecians' usual away colour too, though this time it's white -- er, are you following this?), courtesy of sponsoring now-departed Chris Gentile this past season, arrives in tomorrow morning's post. Somehow I doubt it. So I'll just have to sneak that atrocious piece of knit ware (left) into my bag and hope that if I quickly whip it out in the interests of photographic art (*cough*), it will not be held against me by anyone in red and white.

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Fr Kenny said...

Good luck tomorrow! So disappointed for Cardiff today, my brother-in-law who was there of course, and the three Scots lads in the team. Might not be a next time. The FA will think up rules so that only the big boys get to play!