Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Hoping against hype

Well, as we surely know: it's not just for champions and it's not actually a league. But the world 'final' is accurate enough. And even if the game does feature two of the most debt-ridden, over-hyped and annoyingly self-regarding teams in the world, we all hope that tonight's proceedings in Moscow will provide a dose of that top quality football entertainment that 'big occasions' have a tendency to fall flat on. In reality I don't much care who wins, but there are one or two heart-strings pulling in the direction of Manchester United rather than Chelsea -- because of their flowing football, the 50th anniversary of the Munich air disaster (just a month before I was born) and the 40th anniversary of the victory over Benfica in the '68 European Cup Final, as it was then. That was one of my earliest major football memories, even if I was heartbroken to discover that Denis Law wasn't playing.

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