Monday, 5 May 2008

Just desserts?

The reporting angle from VitalFootball is "Sills in play-off misery" after today's snatched Exeter win over Torquay, occasioning no little schadenfreude from Grecians' supporters for whom the man is a bete noir, I've no doubt. (Sorry for that metaphorically clunky Franco-German conjunction!) Tim Sills, Gulls' top scorer with 22, and the player who put the first in against City last Thursday, was widely regarded as using gamesmanship to get Danny Seaborne sent off in the heated derby on 26 December 2007. Then in the first leg of the Blue Square play off semi he also got a yellow card for elbowing Exeter hero Steve Tully. The player and onlookers felt is should have been a red. The unsavoury incidents around the tunnel and in the dressing room last week added an unfortunate note of sourness to what is undoubtedly a local rivalry, but would be better for retaining a sense of proportion and some friendliness.

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