Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Freed: the Pellie One

How nice to report on a successful animal rights campaign for a rare cross-breed feared to have been made extinct. Pellie the Elephant, otherwise known as Dumbarton FC's legendary mascot, who was cruelly canned after a 2005 'incident' involving Morton supporters, some shorts and the moon (well, something like that) will re-appear at Strathclyde Homes Stadium next season, it has been announced. This is part of the Sonstrust's continuing and noble efforts to root the Club in the local community - whose love of young men masquerading as furry animals is well established.

Pellie (whose name, for the benefit of international readers, derives from the Scottish pronunciation of a world famous footballer) is believed to be dusting off his trunk as I write. According to a senior source formerly associated with West Dunbartonshire Council, in discussion with me some weeks ago, the lovable footie fur-ball was rather unjustly accused in his decisive indictment - recorded with loving attention to detail by The Times. His restoration to respectable society will be welcomed by all right-thinking people... and lets face it, some of the mascot opposition is, well, a bit rubbish. Pellie also features in an online BBC quiz (which, for the benefit of the less-than-lightning-witted, I should point out ended four years ago.)

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