Saturday, 10 May 2008

Field of dreams?

While attention in southwest England turns to Wembley this coming week, some of us are looking forward to other pastures next season. Well, OK. I am. Let's hope the Strathclyde Homes Stadium (or the Rock, as Sons fans prefer to call it) proves more amenable to dreams than nightmares in season 2008-9. Fitba Daft has some good shots [scroll down] of the ground, taken on the occasion of the 1-1 home tie against East Fife on 22 September 2007: a match I was at,as it happens. These things are worth noting when you live the other end of the country - and, indeed, in a different country. Meanwhile, the Scottish Football Archive has a nifty arial photo, presumably sourced from Google Earth [Hat-tip to Freelunch for this thumbnail, too.]


degsy said...

Thanks for the plug!

Love the blog, the image itself is taken from the satellite view on Google Maps.

bigrab said...

Simon, I have taken a few shots of SHS myself. The one I'm proudest of is here
which was taken at the Sons v Rangers Testimonial for Craig Brittain.
On the same night and as the light was fading I got this one, again from the track at SHS (I had priveleges being the Testimonial chairman and all)
of the French Prison at Dumbarton Roc

Simon Barrow said...

Ta, degsy. And nice ones, Rab. Back on 28 March I was down there on a bright Friday afternoon... when it still looked as if the Stranraer game (which I'd come up to sponsor with the trust tyhe next day) was going to be off, due to a waterlogged pitch. The kids leaping up and down on their forks in the middle of those pools of water was a sight to behold - though I wouldn't have been so amused (in hindsight) if the game had ended up being postponed! I should've taken a pic, though...