Thursday, 15 May 2008

A sad night in Manchester...

...both on the field, where Rangers struggled hard, but were deservedly beaten by a much better Zenit side; and off the field, where ugly scenes of violence both before the game and after it marred what had earlier been a 'carnival atmosphere'. Comment is unnecessary, really. The whole thing had a sickening inevitability to it and there will be the usual ritualised accusations and counter-accusations. The failure of the TV screen was a cock-up, but nothing excuses what followed. Alcohol, rage and grief is a potent cocktail and the fact is, 'Gers have a thuggish core in their following. Not the ambassadors Scotland needs.The one bright spot was the club's honourable response to the sad death of Celtic legend Tommy Burns.

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bigrab said...

Simon, I feel good preperation could have avoided the whole horrible affair.