Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Rock steady crew

Good to see writer Jack Deighton expanding the realm of Dumbarton football commentary, alongside weightier matters (*cough*), in his fine new blog. It takes its name from his long association with the town and also from his science fiction novel, A Son of the Rock, which is available via Amazon and excerpted on Infinity Plus. The cover image is strangely reminiscent of how many Sons fans feel at the end of an average Saturday afternoon, but this is probably incidental. The book was published by Orbit in 1997. That year Dumbarton finished 7 points adrift at the bottom of the league. Thankfully, by 1998-9 we'd climbed to the disorienting heights of fourth in the Third Division. Sadly, this was before the play-offs had been introduced. (What am I saying? The play-off system in Scotland is daft. Still, if it gives us a chance of going up this year...).


Jack Deighton said...

Thanks for the plug Simon.
The novel is alas out of print and only available second hand.
I still have a number of pristine copies left myself, however, and am hoping to be able to put up a link where people can buy it from me direct.
We've only got 4 years to wait till the year ends in 2 again and promotion awaits. (4 years....)

Simon Barrow said...

Yeah, curious isn't it. In theory the Sons should be odd rather than even. ;)

Amazon affiliate shops still seem to have copies of the book, which is why I included their link pro tem.

Best, S.