Friday, 22 August 2008

The real great Brittain

Are you, like me, thoroughly fed up with the constant wittering on about "Team GB" in Beijing? Fair play to the athletes, but the "branding" has become really grating. What's more the idea of a British football team in 2012 is an awful one - a stalking horse for those in FIFA who, despite the rhetoric, would love the opportunity to homogenize the Home Nations. Tam Ferry of the Association of Tartan Army Clubs (ATAC) says: “The official fans groups of Scotland, England, Northern Ireland and Wales are firmly against the false creation of a British football team, it threatens the independent position of our national game – we wish the Olympians well, but this is one medal we can do without.”

Meanwhile, Sons View editor Graeme Robertson has, I see, contrived his own Olympics-inspired tribute to Dumbarton's longest serving player, Wee Craigie. The Club Directory in the new, improved 2008-9 Sons matchday programme includes in its roll of honour reference to the 1951/2 Quaich tournament victory... which was part of the, er, Festival of Brittain. Typo? I think not... ;)


Jack Deighton said...

Yes, but the formation of a United Kingdom football team and the consequent removal of Scotland from international football is probably the only thing that would persuade a majority of Scots to vote for independence!

BTW it's really quaich not quaish; the same "ch" sound as in loch. (I don't know what the correct phonetic representation is!)

Simon Barrow said...

Oops... "archaically Quaigh", I'm told.