Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Playing the wide boys

This from Annan Athletic captain Chris Jardine, writing today in his BBC Football column: "Dumbarton have got a great wee stadium and without doubt the widest pitch I have ever played on. I’m sure it was actually square!

"I must admit to being surprised when our manager, Harry Cairney, told us he expected our opponents to play five across the middle but when I got out onto the turf I could see why.

"Not only did they play five in midfield but in both Derek Carcary and Stevie Murray they had two quality wide men who caused us problems during the whole game.

"To be fair, Murray was possibly the difference between the teams and not only because he scored the winning spot kick. It’s easy to see why he has played at a higher level."

Meanwhile, on the Annan website, their boss commented: "Credit to Dumbarton for the manner in which they battled to get something out of the match." Yesterday he told the News & Star : "Dumbarton are a well-fancied team and are probably favourites to win the league because they have made a number of good signings."

Hmmn... we might need to polish up a bit before that prediction stands any chance of coming true. But the SFL new boys are already well schooled in the art of diplomacy, it seems. Good luck to them for the rest of the season. Other than against the Sons, of course.

Oh yes, Robert Ryan has a good report of the DFC -v- Annan game here. And I agree with him on penalties.

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Fr Kenny said...

Told you Stevie Murray would do a job for you. Keegan, I'm afraid, is another matter. He struggled at Firhill to get a game, and that says much in a side which could hardly buy a goal last year! Lone striker? You're havin' a laugh!

Simon Barrow said...

'Aye. But he was struggling two divisions above us. OK so far, but as you say not a loner striker. Out with a knock today. Incidentally, I'll be up in Dumbarton on 20 Sept - so see you on the Sunday!