Saturday, 23 August 2008

Argentina coast it (almost)

Yup, I'm still here. (Well, off to bed for three more hours as I publish this). A good interview with affable and informed SABC African football expert Christopher Bongo kept me awake at half time in the Olympic football final... rather than Adrian Chiles' hopeful repetition of the word "fascinating" to encourage us along. The second half kicked off at a predictably lethargic pace, given that it's 32 degrees on the pitch. But Angel di Maria (from Benfica) soon exploited the space behind the Nigerian defence for Argentina, and that has pretty well settled the game.

is teasing them now. He's after the killer goal. But Romero (63 minutes) has now wasted a good chance for the Africans, who have brought on the lively Anichebe (from Everton). He almost scored with his first touch and again on 84 minutes. Argentina are looking more than a little vulnerable at the back. They have three out of four defenders with international experience, but only seven caps between them. It's a young side, as is the aim of the Olympics (given that bona fide "amateurism" went out of the window some time ago). But power and pace at the front will see them through. And it has. Though they didn't dominate as they would have hoped. Gold for the Argentinians, but not a great match, though it livened up a little towards the end.

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