Monday, 31 March 2008

Fitba', sunshine and rain

Well, extraordinarily, the Dumbarton -v- Stranraer game did indeed go ahead, and I had a fabulous day - in spite of some dire football and a not entirely unpredictable 1-0 defeat. Hopefully we can pick up a point or three on Tuesday night. A number of us were on 'forking alert' early on Saturday morning, but a pitch inspection at 8am showed that the required drainage (inhibited by impacted roots, I gather) had taken place. Thankfully there was no more rain until about 4pm, so the pitch survived and so did the match. Though as Pauline Goodlad pointed out to me in a text, "at least if you don't play you can't lose!" More will follow on 29 March (including the programme notes for DFC and Exeter), when I am properly online again. The picture, courtesy of Donald Fullarton, is of me with Carla Roth, my wife, and Tim Rhead of Dumbarton & Lomond Amnesty International.

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