Saturday, 1 March 2008

Playing the game fairly

Good community initiative at the Exeter -v- Altrincham match today: a special pre-match promotion for Fairtrade fortnight, involving the Grecians wearing special Co-op T-shirts and kicking ten fairly traded footballs into the crowd. Fair Trade is a movement which seeks to guarantee a reasonable price to producers in developing countries. It is not a particular brand or product, but a label of accreditation which any product has the potential to achieve. It is non-partisan, economically fruitful, and has greatly improved the lives of 5 million of the world's poorest people to date. There is a petition here calling on all professional and amateur football clubs to 'play the game' by to attaining Fairtrade status. Oh, and for those of you "interested in that sort of thing", an article about the pros and cons here. (Me in my 'day job' capacity.)


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