Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Unto us, the Sons - a blizzard

A very happy Christmastide and New Year to you all... courtesy of a festive greetings image nabbed from the worthy Sonstrust, with fulsome acknowledgments.

It's been a bit of a down Festive Season for Dumbarton so far, football-wise. The home game against Alloa Athletic (which I had travelled from Birmingham to see) went down to a frozen pitch, and then the away match against Clyde was called off -- another predictable victim of the cold snap. It's fingers crossed for Stenhousemuir at the SHS on 2 January 2010 now... though no-one would put a huge amount of money on that surviving, given the forecasts. The Winter chill will no doubt re-enliven the perennial debate about a December-January break in Scotland. The difficulty is that more than a couple of weeks off is too disruptive, and in any case games can be imperilled at other times, as well. November and February can be pretty dicey, for example. We even lost a game against Forfar at the beginning of April 2008, though that was partly due to drainage problems with the pitch (since resolved).

So summer football, anyone? That would be theoretically possible in the lower divisions, unlike the SPL. But it would throw Cup competitions into difficulty, unsettle fans, clash with holidays and create further continuity problems with the top flight, who are still driven by the Europe agenda -- even if the chances of entry or success in the Europa and Champions Leagues seems to be receding all the time. It's a fair conundrum. But despair not, good Sons fans. I still think we can have a positive second half of the season!

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