Monday, 14 December 2009

How much agony for the ecstasy?

A dose of good sense from Robert Ryan on Sonsteam: "Saturday was rubbish, of course, but anyone who thought we weren't going to get a few days like that when we got promoted was surely in denial. If following Sons for nigh on 40 years has taught me anything it is that no matter the owner, no matter the manager and no matter the players, neither a good performance nor a victory is ever to be taken for granted and that is the same for any provincial club. However the corollary of that is that a defeat or bad performance is never assured either. If we finish mid-table that's progress."

Quite. Though as I observed in my response, living miles away and getting to see Dumbarton comparatively rarely, I'm in the distinctly Pythonesque position of craving any game -- even a bad one that we lose, frankly... though preferably something much better. Please. On the 19 December against Alloa, for example...? (Not forgetting the Binos tomorrow.)

Footballing loyalty, eh? It wobbles yer heart and turns yer brain to mush.

Anyway, here's a picture to sum it all up. Strathclyde Homes Stadium floodlit, but still decidedly murky -- exuding "a deep but dazzling darkness", as Henry Vaughan might have put it, if he'd have had the first clue about the Beautiful Game.

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Good sense? shome mishtake shurely?