Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Sons bounce back

By all accounts Stirling Albion had the lion's share of the near misses last night -- but Dumbarton lead twice through Chris Craig and Derek Carcary [picture], and would have snapped all three points but for a late Binos' goal from Stewart Devine. 2-2 is a respectable result in the circumstances, and points on Saturday against Alloa would see Sons set up for a decent set of Christmas and New Year results. Hopefully. Good luck to Albion in their ownership quest, incidentally. 2,000 trust members is impressive. Given the ongoing farce at Notts County (which should also give due warning to a few at Exeter City who talk about selling out the fans' control for Championship-sized gold if a cash-rich owner came onto the horizon), Stirling Albion Supporters Trust chair Paul Goodwin is very sensible to say, according to the BBC: "The club has become disenfranchised from the community for a long, long time. We would want some boardroom recognition before we parted with any money."

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Anonymous said...

Simon I hope you and yours had a good Christmas.