Monday, 21 December 2009

Becoming a fair weather fan

Ah well, two games called off in a row for me: the (non) luck of the draw. The upshot is that I'm seriously thinking of becoming a fair weather Dumbarton fan. Not in the usual listless sense of the term. More in terms of resolving rather more carefully to travel several hundred miles only when there's a realistically high chance of getting a game - i.e. not in pitch winter!

Several days beforehand I'd already figured that the Alloa Athletic game at SHS on 19 December was likely to be frozen out, and indeed it was. By the time the news came through, however, I was already on the train... and in any case, travel has to be booked weeks in advance unless you want to fork out a fortune. Thankfully, I'd already switched my ball sponsorship (marking my 40th anniversary of supporting Sons) to 20 February next year, versus Clyde. Not that this is any climactic guarantee. In effect the 'football Winter' in Scotland is November to March -- which is one of several reasons why a seasonal break, while highly desirable in theory, isn't very practical in the lower divisions.

However I'm not complaining, I should hasten to add. I still had a great time. First, on a trip to Hampden for Queens Park versus Montrose, the only game that survived the weather in the second and third divisions (that's me sporting DFC colours in the national stadium). Then an evening out in Dumbarton with Sons fans -- a fantastic bunch! -- which lasted well into the early hours. Everything but the game... Ah well, next time.

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