Sunday, 6 December 2009

Straining at the train

It was a disappointing end to an altogether damp afternoon and week for the West Country zyders yesterday. Also, for me, the last Exeter City home game in a fair while, I imagine, with proper relocation to the West Midlands now immanent. I may take the opportunity to take an occasional look at a number of sides, high and low, which are reachable from Birmingham. But my priority will be to maximise the opportunities to get up to Dumbarton when I have the time and money. It's about three or four games a season at present.

What I really need is one more Virgin train back from Glasgow to Birmingham after the current last one at 17.40 - which, frustratingly, is about 15 minutes too early to be viable for a round 'day trip'. Mad, yes - this being football. But viable. (I know, a sprint for the 16.57 from Dumbarton East would be technically possible... but it would mean missing the last minutes of the game, with no room for error. And call me a purist, but that would be a pretty high price for twelve hour round trip!)

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