Saturday, 19 March 2011

Taking it on the chin

JR cogitates...
East Fife manager and Hearts legend John Robertson stopped over for a quick chat with the Edinburgh Sons' supporters' car on the way out of Strathclyde Homes Stadium today. And very good hearted he was, too, seeing that his side had just been beaten 4-2 by Dumbarton - something of a dent to their play-off aspirations. Sons' striker Jon McShane, who scored two superb goals, had played a fantastic game, Robbo willingly conceded. His own front-man Craig Johnstone had hit a really polished equaliser midway through the second half, it should be added. Indeed, all the goals will be well worth watching via the SonsTV highlights early next week. The only pity is that, as a result of SFL rules (which really don't seem to benefit anyone at the moment), DFC are only allowed to show five minutes of the match. Even though we pay to film it. Football is a mad industry, sometimes.

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