Saturday, 5 March 2011

Making Dumbarton's voice heard

This article first appeared as Have YOUR Say On Saturday on the Sonstrust website.

The Sonstrust's ballot on three key issues to do with the futures of the club and Scottish football will take place at the match against Livingston on Saturday. You will be handed a leaflet / voting paper at the game.

But it’s also possible to vote online. The first question, about ‘regionalisation’ of our leagues and the second one, about ‘colt teams’, have already been getting people talking and voting. Now the third question, about the involvement of fans in the running of the game is linked below.

There has been real anger among supporters that ‘reconstruction’ proposals are being discussed without any direct reference to the people who pay for and watch the game in their thousands.

One way of addressing this is to do what we’re doing here – work with others and get YOUR voice heard. Another is to seek proper representation of supporters at all levels of Scottish football which is what this question is about.

Do you want supporters to have representation in Scottish football’s governing bodies?

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