Sunday, 27 March 2011

All aboard the Brazilia-Caledonia express

No flagging, lads...
I would have loved to have made the journey to the Emirates Stadium in north London (once again) to see Scotland take on Brazil - the first meeting of the two teams in 17 years, and only the tenth ever. Unfortunately, I have already used my 'work credits' on three London trips in the past month - and besides, as it happens, I'm nursing a stinking cold.

Even so, it's a ringside seat with a comforting cuppa in front of the television to watch the match, courtesy of STV. Much better than the lamentable ITV, but you still have to put up with the irritating advertisement breaks.

The large crowd seems to be creating a really special atmosphere, which you can readily pick up even through the ether.  Scotland, who have secured a couple of historic draws against football's first nation (apart from us) and frequent World Champions, have made a bright start.

We have never beaten the samba boys, and you wouldn't put your money on it happening this afternoon (bright, but windy).  Logic dictates that Brazil, even without a number of their top names, should win by about as many goals as they choose to score. But the Scots can and will raise their game.

This may only be a 'friendly', but it matters in terms of pride, FIFA rankings (barmy though they are), and the opportunity to see just how the up-and-coming generation of Scottish internationals can do against one of the world's great sides.

Let's hope it's a fantastic game. Things look good do far.  And I'm also keeping an eye out for numerous Dumbarton friends in the seething crowd. Some have travelled down overnight by bus. Bleary, but happy. Mind you, a really good day out is needed to put the wounds of yesterday's crushing of the Sons by Brechin City behind us.

The team need to do that, too. Bring on Stenousemuir on Tuesday 29 march - the day before my birthday.

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