Saturday, 20 October 2007

There's only one World Cup

... and it most certainly is not the trophy being played for this afternoon by bruisers throwing around a misshapen ball. So whatever the result ('mon you Mandelas!), the real action doesn't start until 2010 with the Game that really is Beautiful. Scotland, of course, were world champions after beating England in 1967, and can repeat the feat by defeating Italy on 17 November. I know, a completely duff argument, Jim. But all the more fun for that! Meanwhile, let's hope Gordon Strachan is right. Georgia's coach Klaus Toppmoller is behind us too: "[I]t's unbelievable that we beat Scotland 2-0. They had to win and we had nothing to lose, but I would like to wish Scotland all the best against Italy." Good man. Update: Springboks deny England 'World Cup'

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