Thursday, 25 October 2007

FIFA, fo fum...

I smell the blood. And even though he's a Scot, it could end up being PM Gordon Brown's. For he has chosen to put his trust in slippery FIFA chief Sepp Blatter and the promise that with a rule change in the world footballing body, England are in with a decent shout for the 2018 World Cup. In return, Brown says he will support investment in African soccer. That's good. So long as he doesn't think it's some kind of quid pro quo for guaranteed fair treatment. BBC1's alarming and well-researched 'Panorama' documentary about serious allegations of corruption at the very top of football (Monday, 22 October) would suggest otherwise. There are many arms to twist and shake yet. The determined silence of 'world football tsar' Seb Coe, who is supposed to root out this kind of thing, isn't encouraging, either. One of the few people with some credibility intact is former Scottish FA chair John McBeth (pictured), who has spoken out in spite of being traduced. Meanwhile, England's bid rolls on. Cue vast amounts of money being poured down drains or into pockets over the next few years.

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