Thursday, 18 October 2007

Sons buy out step-father

In one of those 'official-sounding' official announcements that football clubs like to make, replete with initials instead of the informality of first names, Dumbarton have declared:

"THE Board of Directors of Dumbarton Football Club is pleased to announce that agreement has been reached with Neil Rankine for the purchase of the majority shareholding in DFC. As part of the acquisition, agreement has been reached with A. Gemmell and D. MacIntyre, representatives of N. Rankine on the board, for the acquisition of their shares. This secures the future and assets of Dumbarton Football Club. The acquisition will be made via a special purposes vehicle under the control of existing directors."

Let's hope it enables the club, and the Trust, to move forward together. Hopefully to the second division in the near future. I'll drink to that. Right now, in fact, from my DFC mug - mine is an older, thinner one with stylish gold. Next up away to Elgin, then home to Arbroath.

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