Saturday, 29 January 2011

Rolling back the decades

First published as Keeping with the programme on the Sonstrust website. 

Sons View editor Graeme Robertson is interviewed in-depth about ‘Ten Year at the Rock’ and his own two decades at the matchday magazine in the latest issue of the Scottish Football League newsletter.

The whole article, 202 not out for Dumbarton and their Programme Editor, is viewable here. These days Sons View is produced, promoted and sold under the banner of the Sonstrust, involving fans in one of the iconic elements of any Saturday afternoon (or, increasingly, a Tuesday night).

As you’d expect, Robbo tells some great anecdotes, and reveals that “I will soon have been responsible for over half of the programmes that the club have ever produced, as I have done 435 out of the 897 that have ever been issued.” Not that it’s in the nature of the beast (the proggie editor species, that is) to count, of course!

There’s also a suitably debonaire looking photo of Mr Robertson. As an additional keepsake, here’s another one I took towards the end of last year when Graeme and I met up in Leith for one of our occasional ‘strategy meetings’. The map behind him illustrates some of the exotic locales he has visited, or hopes to visit, as a loyal member of the Tartan Army. And yes, he’s laughing

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