Saturday, 23 October 2010

Searching for some Larbert fizz

The last encounter at SHS
So today it's Stenny again. The trip to Larbert, after a quick stop over for a cuts protest in Edinburgh, is only an hour or so - pretty much a 'home game' for a Leither. There's a funny psychological twist to playing Stenhousemuir again on their plastic pitch, mind. Dumbarton won there 2-1 (well, the youngsters did) in the Stirlingshire Cup back on 24 August. Then the Warriors visited SHS on 11 September and we won our only League game of the season thus far. So in spite of seven defeats out of nine in the first quarter of the season and only five goals scored, two of them penalties, we have a 100% record against this afternoon's opponents. That's a bit worrying. Still, I'm hopeful (when am I ever not?). Plus, the manager is apparently still in bullish mood. The reserves remain unbeaten. The under-19s are filling their boots. We are in another cup final, against Falkirk (the aforementioned Stirlingshire Cup), and could theoretically win silverware for the third season in a row. But the first team just can't seem to translate themselves into a coherent unit. A win in Larbert might help to change that. I hope so, for all concerned. Better bring a hip-flask, though.

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