Saturday, 16 October 2010

Big day out up north

Clash of the mini-Titans
My good friend and former colleague Kai Funkschmidt writes: "I see you make best use of Edinburgh residency to write in-depth analysis of why Dumbarton are doing fine despite losing. That's the spirit. I'll declare you an honorary St Pauli supporter!"  Honour accepted, Kai. Except that today I am forsaking the Athens of the North for a long day out on the search for goals and points at Balmoor. Our opponents Peterhead haven't exactly had a great start to the season either, but the maths of this encounter are stark. Win and we escape the basement. Draw and the we stay in the doldrums. Lose and we go at least four or five points adrift. I shall travel in hope - and early, and then late. Of course the 170 odd miles between Edinburgh and Peterhead is but nothing compared to the near 800 mile round trip between my old haunt, Exeter, and Dumbarton. But even so, we'd better play well!

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