Sunday, 3 October 2010

Banking on the Sons

Down but not out...
"So how are you going to get something positive out of that game for your next column?", I was asked by the couple at the bar in The Counting House after Sons' sorry defeat yesterday. Well, it was another grim afternoon, in football terms at least. But it's still early days, and in a division where no-one excels, I still think Dumbarton can steer to safety. Ten or twelve games is when judgments start to harden. Then again, eight games from the end of the 2008-9 season no bookie would have had us for promotion from the Third Division, either. That was a fantastic achievement -- though we're in no hurry to forsake the Second Division again. There's also a good way to go in 2010-11, though I'm sure it's going to be an emotionally draining eight months. Oddly, in spite of the result, I had a very enjoyable day out. Getting to see my team on a regular basis after 41 years undoubtedly has much to do with that.

Short-changed... almost  
So with clan Robertson (the driving force - literally - behind the Edinburgh Sons) ensconced in the drink-don't-drive hospitality posh seats, I took the opportunity to train over via Glasgow Queen Street and stay on after the game for a Guinness or two and a natter. Cars are convenient and have good company, but trains take the strain and let you stretch your legs out. Meanwhile, at the ground, I was multi-tasking. I'm doing match summaries for instant relay on the DFC site now, as well as contributing to the Sonstrust website (send 'em your subscription now, if you haven't already).

Yesterday I was also selling Sons View at the home end. ("You write for it, you flog it... next you'll be knitting it out of muesli", one wag noted). This is also a good chance to catch up with people I've got to know, like fellow Sassenach Dean King [pictured]. He's been coming to Dumbarton for three years or more now. Mind you, we were so wrapped in conversation that I not only almost short-changed him for a tenner, but also failed to give him his programme. Ker-ching. Sorry Dean, it's not company policy. Honest! Hopefully you'll be meeting him as a 'fan of the Week' in the not-too-distant-future. And equally hopefully, Sons will will a game again.

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