Sunday, 2 August 2009

Singing from the same hymn sheet?

Given that we Sons fans are still smarting from yesterday's 5-0 thumping by Dunfermline in the Co-operative Insurance Cup (happy to give that yet another a plug, as I'm a great supporter of the co-operative movement), it was gently ironic. The second hymn at St Mary Arches in Exeter this morning, I mean -- which I couldn't help but notice was sung to the tune 'Dunfermline', in common time, from the 1615 Scottish Psalter. Not sure if we'd be able to work something up to Midge Ure's 1978 anthem, "The Sons We're The Ones"... which graced (if that's the right word) the old Boghead Park and is now heard on a regular basis at Strathclyde Homes Stadium. Football songs are generally proof that the diamond formation doesn't have all the best tunes... but Midge's tune does tend to get stuck in your head. Gimme a bottle of Ballantines, quick, somebody... to, er, keep my spirits up!

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