Sunday, 9 August 2009

On and in the box

In between work and a lunch appointment I caught Sky Sports News on a friend’s TV on Friday, and suddenly found myself looking at the Strathclyde Homes Stadium. Once again the Scotland national squad were training in Dumbarton, this time in preparation for the vital World Cup qualifier clash in Norway on Wednesday 12 August.

It was good (and slightly surreal) to see Craig Gordon between the sticks at the Castle Road end of the ground. In the regular Sons View feature on particular supporters (‘Fan of the Week’), one of the questions concerns who they’d bring into the Club if money was no object. Many of the outfield ‘dreams’, though fun to contemplate, probably wouldn’t work – since a quality player is, in part, only as good as the positioning, anticipation, speed, skill and understanding of those around him. But having a top-notch keeper, though not to be disconnected from overall defensive capabilities, can make a huge difference in its own right.

That said, Sons have a solid man between the sticks, and I imagine he will be well tested in SFL Division Two this season.


Fr Kenny said...

This "solid man between the sticks" is a wind up, no?

Simon Barrow said...

Aw c'mon... "well tested"? ;)