Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Looking for a break

Both Dumbarton and Exeter City are looking for their first league wins of the 2009-10 season. The situation is better for the Grecians, who take on Yeovil Town tonight after an impressive away display against Leeds United (though they lost 2-1 in the final seconds) and a 1-1 home draw against Norwich City.

Sons, on the other hand, have fallen 3-1 in their first two games and have to wait until Saturday for a crack at Clyde at SHS, where they really need a morale-boosting break. The Bully Wee have also had a disappointing start to the new term. But DFC manager Jim Chapman remains hopeful overall, in spite of the gloomy results.

In the modern game you can't lose matches without the grumble machine grinding into action, but I think we should have faith in Jim. Reassembling a part-time squad for the comparative rigours of Division Two isn't an easy task (unless you're commenting from the sidelines), but I still reckon Dumbarton can survive this year. Could be sticky, though.

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Fr Kenny said...

Keep the faith! The Sons will survive if they keep Chappie in place. This team will gel, eventually, and there are goals in there, somewhere! I remember a slow start to last season, too.