Thursday, 26 February 2009

Whoops... they did it again!

Does someone subbing for the Guardian (yes, it does happen!) harbour a secret love for Dumbarton? By some strange synchronicity, just after Sons View published my article mentioning their unfortunately false report that we had beaten Ross County in the Scottish Cup last year, I picked up the sports section for 23 February... and, lo and behold, the following result appeared: Dumbarton 1 Cowdenbeath 0. Regrettably the Blue Brazil had equalized around 32 hours before that was published, so the mighty DFC's title chase has probably been squashed. Still, though 10 points adrift of the leaders, we are very much in contention for the play-offs. And there's a game in hand... and football is all about sanguine optimism. Or possibly misreported dreams.

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