Thursday, 19 February 2009

Time for a break?

Some weeks ago, before the freeze set in, I raised the spectre of a winter break in my Sons View column. It's also been a discussion topic on the Sonsteam Yahoo group. Interesting to see, then, that Dumbarton assistant manager Alan Adamson backs the idea, after another postponement at the weekend. Andy Galloway, writing in The Lennox Herald, reports that Alan feels the time has come for a mid-season break after dire conditions in recent matches against Cowdenbeath and Stenhousemuir and postponements against Elgin and Forfar.

He said: “In our game at Central Park it was a meeting of, in my view, the two best footballing sides in the division. In the end it came down to who could kick the ball hardest in the wind and rain. Then it was similar against Stenny the next week, although we won that one. We like to get the ball down and play but you’ve got to give yourself a chance to do that. I would rather be playing twice a week during March and April, rather than playing in the weather we played those two games in."

The postponed fixtures have now been re-arranged (none at a time that would enable me to get two games in over a few days, unfortunately) and gaffer Jim Chapman has issued a call on the players to show what their made of against the league leaders at the Rock this coming Saturday. Hopefully the new Sonstrust backed director will be unveiled, too.

Picture (c) Down the Wing. Sons' celebrate a late win against the Blue Brazil on 20 September 2008.



Alan Findlay said...

Not really sure about the need for an official winter break Simon.

The good ol' Scottish weather gives up a natural breather every season, albeit not professionally diarised!!

It's good to hear the boss (Jim C) is not going to use the up and come (admittedly heavy) schedule as any form of excuse too.

Simon Barrow said...

I was highlighting the debate, rather than taking sides on it, Alan. Really not sure, myself...