Monday, 2 February 2009

That's snow business

While chunks of Britain treat a bit of snow as if it was the new ice age and public transport stares into an icy abyss, minnows Inverurie Loco Works have gone down 0-1 down to SPLers Motherwell in the first minute of the game. Which pretty well sews it up, I guess. Not much of a connection there, you'd think. Except that this Homecoming Scottish Cup tie has been postponed four times (if I've counted right) due to bad weather. But now that everyone else is stockpiling baked beans and darning their gloves in anticipation of hibernation, some kind of Summery respite has appeared at Harlaw Park in Aberdeenshire. Oh, the (soft, flaky) irony. [Update: 'Well win 3-0... and, yes, it was snowing...]

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