Friday, 26 December 2008

Free footie for Scottish kids?

Via the BBC: The Scottish Government has backed calls to allow thousands of children free entry to football matches. The campaign was spearheaded by Labour MSP Frank McAveety, who said there were 60,000 empty seats at Scottish Premier League stadiums every fortnight. Sports Minister Stewart Maxwell has now urged the SPL and Scottish Football League to consider letting youngsters into selected games for free. He said it would be a "win, win" situation for clubs and children. Maxwell said the free entry policy - which has already been adopted by some Scots clubs - would promote healthy lifestyles, as well as stoking interest in Scotland's national game.

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Fr Kenny said...

Of course, Partick Thistle have been letting under 16s in for free all season. Credit where it's due! Another example of politicians hijacking a great idea for their own personal kudos!