Saturday, 12 April 2008

Well done, 'Gers

I don't profess to be a big fan of the Old Firm, given their effective stranglehold on the game in Scotland - which is not without its benefits, but overall sucks resources, fans and hubristic attention in hugely disproportionate quantities. That is the way of the modern, corporately-driven football world. However, it would be churlish not to congratulate Rangers on their fantastic UEFA Cup quarter final achievement in beating Sporting Lisbon away from home by two great goals. I only caught the highlights, but it looked to be a solid, professional performance, even if Sporting were not exactly on song (especially defensively) and Fiorentina in the semis will be a different prospect altogether.

The 'Gers are still outsiders for the trophy, albeit with odds cut to 13-2, but it seems that their fans (who remain haughty, even if they do play in the SPL and are seen as minor in European terms) have suddenly decided that the UEFA Cup is not a 'diddy competition' after all. Quel surprise. Good luck to 'em, anyway. Not that there is much interest down south, where "Britishness" amounts to "are there any English teams in it? No? Oh well, switch over then..."

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